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Disaster on my beloved Kitchenaid mixer


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Disaster on my beloved Kitchenaid mixer

Margret | Jul 14, 2002 02:47 PM

Recently I came across a recipe for making chinese fish dumplings (Chiu Chow fish balls). It called for chopping ground pork and gound fish into a paste and throwing it in a bowl until the mixture is elastic. Stupidly, I decided to make use of my kitchenaid mixer for the job. I used the meat grinder to grind the fish and the meat several times and used the paddle to beat this mixture until it became elastic, while adding oil, cornstarch, etc. All seemed to have worked well...the dumplings were cooked in a broth and it was tasty...I used too much corn starch but that's another story. BUT, I couldn't understand why my house smelled like rotten food for the past week. I have traced it to my mixer and sad to say, my mixer seemed to have been "fished". I have since washed my beloved mixer at least 10 times to no avail!!!! Did this happen to anyone else? The mixer is sitting in my garage now so that the house can smell normal again! I feel a lot better having shared this with you. Thanks for listening!! Margret

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