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A most dire test -- Mexican vegetable side


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A most dire test -- Mexican vegetable side

nja | Dec 11, 2003 01:33 PM

Grandma cannot make salsa this year, and so that important task for the Great Birthday Dinner was bestowed upon me, Gringo Boyfriend, Third Generation Class. I have worked hard for years to earn this great honor. I am utterly confident--and so is Grandma, as this is not a matter to be toyed with--in my salsas so I need no help there.

But the assignment has come with an additional challenge.

I also need to bring a vegetable side dish to this large Mexican pot-luck dinner. Beans and rice are covered; dishes that are primarily squash, corn, and potato are covered; and main courses of chiles rellenos, enchiladas, and other such Mexican-American staples are covered. Providing a dish too similar to any of those will be perceived as competitive, perhaps even threatening.

The dish does not have to be strictly vegetarian, just a predominately vegetable side dish. It also does not have to be strictly Mexican, but at least Mexicanesque and harmonious with Mexican food.

Crepas de rajas and/or de flor de calabaza are the only thing that come to mind, but I've never made crepes of any kind before and I fear I do not have enough spare time between now and Saturday night to learn how and to make enough.

This is probably a test for my uppitiness, or more likely revenge by The Second Generation for stealing La Corona de Las Salsas.

I'm stumped. I'm embarrassed. I'm AFRAID.

Help me.

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