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Dipping and Dunking: Making Comfort Food More Comforting


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Dipping and Dunking: Making Comfort Food More Comforting

JeetJet | Sep 4, 2009 10:20 AM

Please confess about the foods you love dipping with.
For me the ritual of dipping and dunking arouses more intimacy with my comfort food and takes the experience to a higher level of comfort. The combined flavor and texture that results from dipping & dunking sometimes enhances the separate flavors so well that it will never be the same to have one without the other. For example, fresh crusty donuts dunked into hot coffee and Oreo cookies dunked into cold milk are some of the foods that seem to have been created with the other, and you, in mind.

I have favorite donut shops that I go to for particular donuts they make that are exceptionally good for dunking. Recently I had a grilled cheese sandwich made with thick slices of grilled sourdough, melted Swiss and smoked Mozzarella and a bowl of tomato basil soup and I could not resist the temptation to dip that sandwich into that soup. After dipping the sandwich I paused to enjoy the image in front of me. A perfectly golden grilled sourdough with a small corner of it coated with thick steaming hot tomato soup. I also know the best place in L.A. for a French Dip with a side bowl of gravy and another place for a French Dip with a side of Au jus. Cleaning your plate with a special slice of bread also counts as dipping and maybe that means that the saint who created Open-face sandwiches smothered in gravy was a dipper at heart.

What other things go well when dipped and dunked?

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