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Dinner Waste?


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Dinner Waste?

Fiona | Dec 26, 2009 06:19 AM

This morning and last night as I was cleaning dishes I noticed how muct food gets wasted after a big holiday feast. I don't know if this is just me but for big dinners like Christmas I always like to have an abundance of food - if anything runs out I feel bad- and the food is generally rich. But scraping the bits off the plates from 14 people, putting away left overs (some of which will just die in the frig then get tossed), I am struck by how wasteful it is. It is also expensive. I think that Christmas dinner cost me something like $500 ( including a $92 goose) to make and I really can't afford it. Plus all the work. I am not sure I actually sat down for than a few minutes the whole day Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Is it worth all of this to have a few days a year on which abundance and really good food are more important that budget, energy and good sense? Does anyone else feel like this? Is there a more sane way to have a feast?

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