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Best things about dining in France


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Best things about dining in France

JBomb | Mar 15, 2002 03:06 PM

Here are some subjective diffrences that make dining in Paris more enjoyable than in North America

1) No music. With the exception of Buddha Bar and Manray, at no time was I subjected to the annoyance of music while trying to converse/eat.
2) Pour your own wine. In Bistro's/Brasseries you are actually allowed to touch the wine bottle! Shocking but true! Nothing is a tedious as the look of reproach you get from a waiter in NA when you touch the bottle, or even worse, sitting with an empty glass waiting for someone to do it for you, like you have flippers instead of opposable thumbs.

On a related note, one touch that I actually appreciated and thought was the mark of a truly good waiter was not filling the galsses with an initial glass of wine if you were still working on your appertif. So many times here you'll have half a cocktail in front of you and the waiter will somehow thinks it's helpful to also pour a full glass of wine, too.
3) Lighting. The french beleive you should actually see the food. In North America we have some bullshit attitude that darker=better. Not true. And thanks for dispensing with those idiotic tealights that fine dinning establishments can't seem to restrain themselves from littering the table with.

Vive la France!

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