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I am so over dim sum and tapas restaurants for dinner


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I am so over dim sum and tapas restaurants for dinner

Flynn | Jun 7, 2006 04:30 PM

Is it my imagination or are more people (in New York City anyway) eating appetizers and small plates only for dinner? It seems new restaurants pay more attention to the decor - dinner as theater concept than food - and are serving up exotic drinks along with dim sum, sushi appetizers and tapas that passes for dinner.

Enough! I want Real Food! Give me a big healthy salad to start - mixed greens and arugula, big juicy tomatoes. Imaginatively prepared fish, vegetables, and beef. Sure these little appetizers are okay but I don't want to make a whole dinner out of them and pay $100 per person just to sit with buddahs and waterfalls. I'm tired of flowers in my food.

When I want dim sum, I'll head to Chinatown. Enough with all the small plates - they add up to big bucks and I still leave hungry and wind up raiding my fridge later on. Anybody feel like I do? And please don't suggest steakhouses - I'm not into them either.

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