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Dim Sum at 'Re-Vamped' SPRING VILLA - A Huge Disappointment!!!


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Dim Sum at 'Re-Vamped' SPRING VILLA - A Huge Disappointment!!!

Charles Yu | Apr 30, 2013 03:39 PM

With a fairly innovative Dim Sum menu and a price point cheaper than Casa Imperial, the 'pre-revamped' Spring Villa used to be one of my favorite higher-end Dim Sum go-to places in the Markham area.

After their recent renovation job and a couple of positive feed back on the food, I decided to pay it a luncheon visit. Talk about a 'roller-coaster' dining experience!! Actually, its more like a 'Bungee-Jump' experience without the recoil!! That is, 'Free fall all the way'!!

With, 'bringing back some snacks for our son' in mind, my wife and I ordered 9 dishes for the two of us. The meal started off with an amazing tasting 'freshly baked', piping hot Special Chicken Pie. The buttery, sweet crumbly crust housed a generous amount of very tasty and juicy filling. So addictively good! Definitely, one of GTA's stand out dim sum creation!!
Unfortunately, the meal fell flat from there on. Poorly created and executed Dim Sums arriving one after another! Coming from Spring Villa??!! Its a scenario totally unexpected!!

Anyways, the rest of the Dim Sum selection included:
- Steamed Prawn Dumpling - Har Gow
- Steamed Chicken Feet in House Special Savory Sauce
- Spring Rolls with Pork Filling
- Steamed Prawns and String Beans Rice Roll - Cheung Fun
- Steamed Turnip Cake Casserole
- Steamed B-B-Q Pork Buns - Char Siu Bao
- Multi-layer Sweet Custard Sponge Cake
- Egg and Milk Custard Tart

Now for the 'real critique'!!

- Har Gow was a failure with badly formed thick, mushy, wrapper that fell apart and prawn filling that's overwhelmed with sesame oil seasoning.
- Prawn Cheung Fun was equally bad! Wrapping looked deceivingly thin!
Surface was latex thin but the base was unbelievably thick and gluey. Just like 'putty'!!. Prawn fillings were bland and the presence of the tasteless beans a total mystery!
- Steamed B-B-Q pork buns had passable filling but less than fluffy bun.
- Spring Rolls with their one dimensional bland pork filling was 'Meh'!
- Chicken feet was tender but the ' special sauce' was mediocre and nothing special!
- Both desserts fell real short with the sponge cake surfaces soggy and wet, due to excessive condensation and the Egg custard tart being spoiled by their thick and chewy base.

All in all, a Dim Sum lunch to forget!!

To give them another chance? That is the question?!!

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