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Is there a difference between grilling and barbecue?


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Is there a difference between grilling and barbecue?

PaulF | Feb 17, 2006 11:41 AM

There was a thread on the LA board yesterday about best barbecue restaurants.

And someone mentioned Outdoor Grill. Now, I love Outdoor Grill. It's in my neighborhood. But I'm not sure it's barbecue. Outdoor Grill has a grill. Outside. You know, there's a big fire and some guy is cooking the food over it. It's open, it's not a closed barbecue that he opens once in a while.

Now, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the amazing Dreamland Barbecue, that ain't barbecue. There, barbecue is meat cooked so long that it falls apart.

I dunno. I'm not being articulate with my question.

I guess the simplest way to ask it is this:

Is grilling the same as barbecue?

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