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D'Guru Indian review

tatsu | Sep 8, 201010:05 AM     39

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There's two ways to view D'Guru. One is to see independent Indian blow up the downtown spot full of bad delis and other grossities for Boston office workers gulping low octane fuel. The other as an extension from a remarkable catering business cum retail outlet in the far reaches of Somerville (Tufts) made good by their unbelieve fresh ingredients (Afforded by the high volume and turnover by their catering business no doubt that was a hard but successful sell to the Tufts community.), healthy high-qual cooking (Better than most Indian home cooks.) and low-price, simple yet varied menu. (Constantly changing 5-6 dishes daily.)

Both are true of course, and whether you are in the camp of newcomer or frequent customer to Guru, it is joy that we find D'Guru in the heart of Boston. It's a rather American-Indian small-business success story that one of the tiniest most hidden restaurants in Somerville can expand to downtown and thrive. There are reasons why Guru dominated the "Hot On Yelp" boards last year. This is easily the best lunch option to open since Chacarero, a decade or so ago, but more versatile.

Guru's Palak Paneer is a wunderdish. After pondering how you can get spinach to stay so green, and reading about shock ice-baths, shock therapy, lemon juice, ju-ju juice, sugar tricks, large pots of boiling water and salt and even reviewing notes on carbon dioxide release in chlorophyl, (magic unto itself) I still just don't get it how it's so green at D'Guru. The color is indescribable, and oh so pretty. Not even $10,000 emeralds are this nice a color. Ya got me beat Pushpinder, just gunna have to plain ole ask ya straight out when we build a little trust. Your recipe online hah, that's not even close. It has the most wonderful paneer, so soft not dry and hard, just perfs textured farm-style cheese that would be the envy of any firm tofu or mozzarella maker. A very mild heat is provided by subtle dried whole chilies which would of been chewed on had I been aware, but being pre-occupied with work back at the office... And that is a shame because it was the best Palak Paneer ever, even if it wasn't hot.

Also just loved the special of Salmon Curry. Fish is a welcome addition to Guru's repertoire. Whole black mustard seeds and curry leaves and salmon bathing in a better-than-breaking-kosher-milk-and-fish-code coconut milk sauce. While the seafood option is the most expensive option at 10 something, (Eh, 10 is the new 5.) it's basically getting delicious salmon for 10 bucks plus this amazing spinach for free. Maybe not localvore but certainly quality ingredients at a good price. They have an excellent business model, and cookery far out-pacing the competition.

The dealbreaker with most pre-cooked Indian is rice. Guru's is better than all Indian buffets around town. Must study it more closely but certainly the almond-sliver shaped rice is moist and well-cooked, not grainy and dried out like most places. Certainly, like their Palak, they've thought long-grain and hard-rain what goes into that rice cooker and came out with something Jiminy Cricket. Got a hunch, but really, gotta go back. Repeatedly. Dislike plastic dishes! Revive Tiffin Boxes so plastic doesn't land in trash! And that is the worst part about lunch. Waste in our harried pace of life.

The Naan is well, it really does resemble Greek-style pita, but certainly tasty, good bread if you have take it to the office, doesn't flake out and leave thousands of crumbs in your keyboard like normal naan. Anyway it's a freebie.

It is a lot of food honestly, this doesn't necessarily improve the excellent value proposition, I'd pay the same for half the food almost, it's just really that good and maybe you can portion into two if you are on a diet or something. Split it with an office mate? Dunno lick it off your office mate during boring sexual harassment trainings?

D'Guru Restaurant
185 Devonshire St, Boston, MA 02110

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