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Detailed meal itinerary for our 2 week trip through Japan - for your info and critique


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Detailed meal itinerary for our 2 week trip through Japan - for your info and critique

vpg | Mar 26, 2010 10:38 PM

Thank you to everyone for your great posts, which has allowed us to put together the following detailed meal itinerary for our 2 week trip to Japan. Let us know what you think. We will certainly let you know what we think, when we get back!


Day 1

Dinner - Birdland Yakitori

Day 2

Breakfast - Tsukiji Market (Sushi Dai, Sushi Bun, Daiwazushi, or Tsukiji Sushisay)

Lunch - Yanmo

Dinner - Tsuki no Shizuku

Day 3

Breakfast - Henri Charpentier Pastry Shop

Lunch- Mitsukoshi department store

Dinner- Midori-no-Sushi


Day 4

Breakfast- Bento box at Toyko station

Lunch- Houraiken (Nagoya)
Dessert?- Cafe Tanaka or Chez Shibata (Nagoya)

Dinner- Kani douraku

Day 5

Breakfast- bakery to be determined

Lunch- (was Masamichi- now open for suggestions)

Dinner- Kodai Suzume-zushi Sushiman


Day 6

Breakfast- Bento box at Osaka station

Lunch- Hassho’s Original Okonomiyaki or Chiichan (next to Hassho)

Dinner- Oyster Conclave


Day 7

Breakfast- Bento box at Hiroshima station

Lunch- Iso Gai (Tenjin)

Dinner- Yatai

Day 8

Breakfast- Bakery to be determined

Lunch- Teraoka

Dinner- Chikae


Day 9

Breakfast- Bento box at Fukuoka station

Lunch- Chunagon (Osaka)

Dinner- Shiraume Kaiseiki (our Ryokan)

Day 10

Breakfast- provided by Ryokan

Lunch- Ten-you

Dinner- Kyoto Spoon

Day 11

Breakfast- provided by Ryokan

Lunch- open for suggestions

Dinner- Izuu


Day 12

Breakfast- Bento box at Kyoto station

Lunch- Yoshihashi

Dinner- Nabura

Day 13

Breakfast- L'Atelier Robuchon Bakery

Lunch- Kyubei

Dinner- open for suggestions

Day 14

Breakfast- Sembikiya or Takano Fruit Parlor

Lunch- Tonki

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