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Desperately seeking good milk (inexpensive and easily available too)!


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Desperately seeking good milk (inexpensive and easily available too)!

ammoniasmith | May 14, 2006 04:55 PM

I just bought some non-fat milk from the supermarket and was horrified by the terrible taste. I so rarely drink milk that I can barely recall what it should taste like but I don’t remember skim milk being so vile. I noticed that it was fortified with milk solids and it did taste like reconstituted milk. Yuck!

I am thinking of moving on to 1 or 2% but should I even bother with regular supermarket brands? Should I just avoid skim milk? Perhaps that was my mistake.

I just might try the Kirkland organic milk available at Costco but it is pretty expensive compared to the regular milk. Is it worth it at $5/gallon? More than that I don’t think I will be buying organic. Is the regular milk as Costco good tasting? It is cheap and they seem to replace the stock frequently as it is a popular item.

It is me or has the quality of milk declined? Sorry for all the questions but I don’t want to dump out another gallon of milk trying to find good tasting milk.

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