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Desperate! Which instant coffee NOT like tasters choice - but YES like Folger crystals


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Desperate! Which instant coffee NOT like tasters choice - but YES like Folger crystals

Minni | Jan 17, 2010 08:14 PM

(actually, which ANY coffee NOT-DECAF,
both instant and brewed
is like:
Folgers-Instant and the long-discontinued Instant-Brazilian Supreme.

A priority for me, too, is VERY affordable, and should taste & feel like Folgers-Instant & Brazilian Supreme.

Someone on chowhound commented that Folgers is like flavored water.
NOT SO TO ME! (at least not the Folgers Instant).. If only it costed less.

Does Shoprite-Instant taste like Folgers-instant?
Does Maxwell-Instant taste like Folgers-Instant?

I've never tasted brewed coffee - since I've never had a coffeemaker and don't know the first thing about coffeemakers. I'll require extensive research on the topic of coffeemakers as well.

I'm desperate because without coffee+aspirin, I get EXCRUCIATING migraines & can't sleep (due to fluresent-caused "hangover headaches". Note: I just this year started taking coffee+aspirin in my "old age" since I realized that's the only thing which helps my headaches caused by computer/fluresent hangover. It also helps to know that coffee (and marijuana too, btw) wards off Alzheimers, as well as Parkinsons & diabetes.

I've recently tried:

Nescafe's Taster's choice - I find this ughy, NOT smooth, rather like charcoal on tongue
Nescafe's Mountain blend - ditto (ughy ughy)

Folgers crystals - yummy & smooth to me
I also loved the leftover-from-long-ago Nescafe BRAZILIAN SUPREME (discontinued)

I've already begged the Nescafe people to advise me - but no help there.
I've begged people at local store for advice - no help there either (too busy etc.

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