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Any delicious Ideas to use up 10 lbs of organic rye flour?


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Any delicious Ideas to use up 10 lbs of organic rye flour?

lecker | Dec 6, 2013 02:07 AM

Please help. I am a very very new cook (started cooking a few days ago, after a life-changing trip through Italy and France). I am currently obsessed with making fresh pasta and I attempted to do so with the rye flour. Note to anyone who is thinking about using 100% rye flour to make pasta: just don't do it. It's too gummy and my attempt didn't taste very good to me, but my dear hubby ate all of the spinach/ricotta/parmesan raviolis that I made with them. I have since had better luck using 00 flour, which I have learned is the preferred flour to use for fresh pasta (in northern Italy, at least).

Anyways, I am looking for some creative and delicious recipes to use up the 10lbs of organic rye flour. All I can think of are russian breads or some other dense, flavorful European style breads. Those are the ones that I have found when I googled rye flour or rye breads. I also saw another CH post listing rye bagels (not a fan of bagels), rye cookies (not a big cookie fan), but haven't been able to find anything new, different but tasty rye flour uses. I am just learning how the different type flours are appropriate for different types of dishes, so I really don't know how best to utilize the overstock of rye flour that I have on hand. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone had success making macarons with rye flour? I love eating macarons and petit fours. Or if you are in the Frankfurt area and want some organic rye flour, please let me know. I am willing to share my stash...Thanks in advance for your help!

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