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Deleted posts visible on user pages and search


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Deleted posts visible on user pages and search

Knoblauch | Jan 22, 2007 09:18 PM

Posts that were "deleted" by moderators were apparently just marked not to be displayed. Now they can be seen again, both in users' recent posts and in search results. If it were just the off-topic posts of random trolls, it might just be a neat feature, but there's probably also some pretty offensive stuff that should not be visible on Chowhound.

As an example, after I initially posted this, I saw that Chuckles the Clone had also reported this issue, but the topic was removed (which is why I reported it). I can still see that on the Chuckles the Clone page, even though the topic has been removed. I assume this may also be removed, but still be visible on my page until this is fixed.

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