Defunct restaurant equipment auctions


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Defunct restaurant equipment auctions

Professor Salt | Sep 3, 2007 11:42 PM

I'm in the market for a stove, preferably a used one of commercial quality. I like the idea of buying from a restaurant that's going out of business. Has anyone done this for their home?

Restaurants go out of business every day. Some restaurant owners will end up selling their fixtures themselves, on site. Some of the stuff will be trucked off and consolidated for an auction sale. Some of the auctioned stuff will end up for resale at a restaurant supply house (I imagine this is the easiest source for a consumer, but the most expensive of these three paths).

How does a consumer find out about these three paths for equipment auctioning? Is there a national site that tells us about upcoming auctions?

I'm in Orange County, California, and am looking for any of these avenues for a bargain on a 30" stove. I could schlep up to the restaurant supply row on Washington Ave in Los Angeles, but am more interested in going to the auction myself and bidding against the resale guys. Any local tips?

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