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Defeated by Mayonnaise, my nemesis


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Defeated by Mayonnaise, my nemesis

lloreen | Mar 3, 2010 08:03 AM

I need some help with basic technique. I had a mayo disaster and ended up throwing out several cups of olive oil and a half dozen eggs. Can anyone give me advice or point me to some good videos? I know this is super simple, which is why it is so frustrating!
I've made mayonnaise in a blender before and it worked fairly well, though I wasn't really sure what the texture should be like. It was much runnier than the store bought version, but tasted good with some fresh herbs mixed in. Also, the color is more yellow than creamy. Is that normal?
I recently tried to make mayonnaise again with a recipe that called for egg yolks and olive oil (no canola). I tried to do it be hand with a whisk first. The egg yolks were very fresh and a brilliant yellow, so the mayo took on a very bright color. After whisking away for five minutes or so, the mayo broke and I was left with clotted egg and oil. I tried to resuscitate it with another yolk, but had no luck. It was still clotted and gooey. I turned to the food processor with another yolk, and it only made matter worse. So I threw out that batch and started over with the food processor. I was so afraid of the mayo breaking that I stopped while it was very runny.
I know the general technique of adding oil a drop at a time.
I am wondering what could have gone wrong.
Was it because of the super fresh eggs or the olive oil?

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