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Deer John.....

Heidi | Jul 11, 2001 12:23 PM

No, this is not a mispelling. This is what my backyard has become. I wasn't certain if this should fall into the not about food category or not. See, typically talking about my vegetable garden should be about food. For me. But now it is about a smorgasbord for the myriad deer leaping through our woods and over our 5 ft. chain link fence. You may be thinking ooooh Bambi, but I'm thinking mmmmmm venison. Fourteen heirloom tomato plants were all bearing fruit. Now my large, lush Aunt Ruby's look anorexic. My Big Rainbows are, well, not big. Nasturtiums and sunflowers - gone. Trellised beans and zuchinni are being slowly nibbled to stubs. Help!What can I do?!!!

I have been told to use Bobex, but the corner nursery said not to put it on edibles. Someone else mentioned bags of human hair. Another suggested we all urinate around the perimeter of the plants but that's not the kind of family activity we're into and who would want to eat anything growing out of hair and urine anyways? Last night I used something called Hinder around the perimeter and shaved a bar of Irish Spring soap everywhere. Only one cosmos was leveled and I think the veggies were only spared because the deer discovered my black-eyed susans and tea roses elsewhere and were already stuffed.

They are NOT eating assorted hot peppers, eggplant and arugula and Tuscan kale.

Please, please let me know of any and all viable known choices I have left to save the remainder of my diminishing garden before it all just becomes fertilizer courtesy of some deer. Thanks so much. Heidi

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