Is it possible to get a decent cheap wine in PA?


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Is it possible to get a decent cheap wine in PA?

kat_astrophe | Aug 20, 2008 06:35 PM

I'm getting married in two months, and I just discovered the full horror of the PLCB (I like drinking wine at other people's houses, but my fiance and I are really devoted beer drinkers at heart).

Our wedding is a graduate student wedding: casual and low-budget (think picnic in the park). But I would like to have some wine there, since it is a festive occasion, and since there are several guests who strongly prefer wine to beer. All in all, I need probably two cases of red and one case of white. I can only afford to spend about $8/bottle, because that's how much money I have. I didn't think, in my naivete and my accustomedness to not living in PA, that this would be a big issue. Apparently it is. I have learned that I can't trust the recommendations of the liquor store people: I have been given wine that tastes like Communion wine, wine that tastes like hobos smell, and wine that tastes like a juice box from my preschool. They were so incredibly awful that I couldn't even use them for cooking wine. Basically I spent like $80 that I can't afford on terrible, terrible crap, and I'm burned out on the whole experience.

Are there any wines that I can buy from the PLCB that are drinkable and not twice my budget or something? I'm not looking for anything show-stopping, obviously, just something cheerful and honest :) I really don't know anything about wine, neither does my fiance, but I know that I can't serve my guests something that smells like grape juice with a yeast infection, or like the byproduct of an experiment about making meth out of fruit. I also know that I am afraid of getting busted with illegally-snuck-in wine and spending my wedding night fighting over who gets the bottom bunk in the holding cell.

Or should I just tell the wine drinkers they're SOL and spend the whole liquor budget on beer instead?

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