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What's the deal with Indian Buffets?


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What's the deal with Indian Buffets?

Fussy Foodie | Jul 10, 2007 10:59 AM

Why are people so enamored with Indian Buffets? I am not a fan of buffets in general, with the exception of some high-end brunch buffets which I still find to be over-priced and a bad value because one can only eat so much. But back to Indian buffets, on the Bay Area board people actually look around for the best indian buffet as opposed to simply the best indian restaurant. I'm confused at this because I'm confident that the same people would scoff at the idea of an italian or french buffet and they rarely ever rave about chinese or sushi buffets, but Indian buffets seem to be a hit.

Indian restaurants generally tend to be a decent value, you can eat a fresh made-to-order lunch for under $10, but plenty of hounds still seem to favor buffets. I think of bargain buffets as a way for restaurants to unload large quantities of low quality food, like lots of suburban Chinese buffets that you find. What is it about Indian food specifically that makes it so buffet friendly?


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