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How do I "de-bump" a cast iron grill pan?


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How do I "de-bump" a cast iron grill pan?

Savory_Girl | Jun 13, 2011 10:12 PM

We got a cast iron grill pan about 5 years ago and to be honest I think we seasoned it incorrectly when we first got it (because lots of burnt/charred pieces built up in between the grill grooves and made the new smooth pan kind of gross), but we kind of just ignored it after trying to scrape as much out of the grooves as we could and have just been using it for 5 years that way. Annoying, smoky and hard to clean every single time.

I've grown considerably as a home-cook over the years and now I'd like to start over with my gill pan and get it in good working condition. Any suggestions for how to do this? I first need to know how to get rid of all of the bumpy texture and then how to season it properly (although I can find that in plenty of other posts on this topic!).

So really - how do I get this pan into the shape it needs to be in to start the seasoning process properly?

And can I even season my pan properly if I live in an apartment building or is it going to get so smoky & smelly that my neighbors all hate me?

Thanks a million!

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