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db Bistro - Valentine's Day Review

dkstar1 | Feb 15, 2004 04:28 PM


The amuse was an eggplant-based "spread" that had a grainy consistency and was unmemorable. The second part was an itsy bitsy 1/2 cherry tomato filled with goat cheese. This was tasty, but again, nothing to really discuss.


* Foie Gras Torchon, Quince Confit

I only saw 2 orders of this out and about. It looked more like a terrine. That's all I can report.

* Maine Lobster, Mache and Frisee, Curry Vinaigrette
This was very good. Danna had this and I got to try it as well. The lobster was tender, buttery and warm. The greens and dressing worked well and was overall a great dish. Danna's favorite of the night...possibly mine as well. I would have this again.

* Yellowfin Tuna Tartare, Black Truffle Dressing, Peppercress

I ordered this and it was ok. The tuna was good and fresh but not overwhelming. The thinly sliced "radish wall" surrounding the dish added both a nice texture and taste to the dish. The dressing was decent. Overall, an okay dish. Flirt, a sushi place in northern Bergen County has a spicy tuna tower that I would take over this any day of the week (despite a mediocre rest of the menu and horrible service).

* Fresh Oysters, East Meets West

I did not see anyone order this.


* Nantucket Bay Scallops, Celery Root Mousseline, Blood Orange....(fax goes off at this point)

A gentleman next to me ordered this and didn't have much to say about it to his dining companion when she asked. He also didn't finish it. Hmmm...

* Steamed Black Bass, Lemongrass Broth, Young Root Vegetables

The same gentleman's (above) companion ordered this. It, like the scallops came in a deeper round dish and looked good. She wasn't raving about it but didn't seem to think it was bad. That's all I can report.

* Veal en Croute, Baby Spinach, Wild Mushrooms
This was the original title of this dish, but come eating time was titled "Veal Wellington". It was just that. The color of the veal looked good but possibly uneven, as it was whisked by me twice (2 orders).

* Roasted Lamb Chops, Fingerling Potatoes, Tomato Confit, Broccoli Rabe, Rosemary jus

Both Danna and I orderd this. The rosemary jus was yummy and the crispy rub on the chops were great. The servings (4 chops) were of decent portions but the cooking was uneven. One piece was undercooked, another was overcooked and the others were just right. A very confused kitchen I think, or the cooking hardware is not up to par. I'm not sure but overall this had me wondering how this could be a D. Boulud restaurant. The potatoes were too starchy. Danna had to ask for a sharper knife to cut one of her chops (definitely not a good thing). Overall the good was good, the bad was bad.


* Pannacotta with Sweet Wine Gelee, Raspberry Sorbet
no comment

* Chocolate and Passion Curd Bombe

This was good. Well made and rich. Not my type of thing though so it gets just a good rating.

* Lavender Honey Mousse, Pistachio Bisquit, Grapefruit Sorbet
no comment

* Chocolate Raspberry Tart, Mint Ice Cream
This was tasty and better than my dessert. The mint ice cream was the highlight of the dessert.

We arrived 15 minutes late (8:00pm reservation) but called to say we would be late. Upon arrival the maitre d was thankful for the call and said that we were better off (a mad rush at 8 to get in apparently).

We sat in the back room (green/gray room) and it was small but cozy. We happened to have a good seat and not cramped next to many others. I also think Kaity Tong was there. The coat service was very efficient. The waitstaff was okay but not totally polished. The server ended up putting our dishes on another table, and when their meals came out, he gave them to the wrong place sitting.

Overall...I would never go back here. It was good but overrated by far. Very disappointing D. Boulud experience but we made the best of it and enjoyed the good parts.



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