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Nine-day pickles


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Nine-day pickles

marisold | Jul 9, 2012 11:32 AM

My sister and I want to tackle our mother's nine-day pickle recipe, but we're not sure about some of the 50+ year-old instructions. Online searches have provided some recipes, but none are exactly like ours. These were the pickles of our childhood, which we both loved, so we're willing to put out the effort. Can anyone offer any advice?

Nine-Day Pickles

2 gallons of cucumbers--soak 24 hrs. in 1 1/2 box of salt in water. (Mom used "pickling salt" but we can't find that in our grocery stores. How is it different from regular salt?)

2nd day--cover with 2/3 box of alum and boiling water. Let stand 24 hours. (No size given for the box of alum)

3rd day--Pour off alum water. Cover with boiling water. Let stand 24 hours.

4th day--Boil one gallon vinegar (we think she used apple cider vinegar) and a 10-cent (!) box of pickling spices for 15-20 minutes. (Best guess is a regular-sized spice bottle.) Pour over cucumbers; let stand for 9 days.

We do remember Mom putting a weighted plate on top of the cucumbers in the crock.

On the last day, cut cucumbers into thick round slices. Put in jars with same proportion of cucumbers and sugar.

That's the end of the recipe; we figure we have to seal the jars in a water bath.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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