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Ate at Charles Nob Hill on Wednesday as part of Dine About Town. According to our waiter, they are planning on rotating the menu thoughout the promotion. While the entree was chicken (really good chicken, mind you!), I considered it overall to be a "best foot forward" experience at the restaurant.

DAT is only available for 5:30 and 6:00 reservations, so you have to eat early.

There was no set wine pairing for the DAT menu, but our waiter suggested that my friend and I could improvise a sommelier's accompaniment. The sommelier suggested a wine for each course. Essentially, they split one glass for the two of us for each course. We don't drink that much, so this was great for us. If you go through wine quickly, though, it may not be enough.

The DAT menu on Wednesday included:

An amuse bouche of a beglian ale and sausafy (some kind of root?) soup. Very rich, creamy, and delicous. Used the bread to sop up every last drop.

Endive salad with roquefort, dried cherries, walnuts, spiced apples, black apples (tasted like a normal apple to me, but a fun color), and a very light walnut oil vinegarette. The salad was assembled beautifully on the plate. The roquefort was hiding at the bottom at the center of the plate and, once I found it, added a wonderful flavor to the salad. This was paired with a glass of riesling ($9).

Here we went off the DAT menu and split the foie gras tasting. ($22) Really good. The first preparation was seared foie gras with pickled Oregon huckleberries on brioche. The second was a terriene of foie gras with candied blood orange peel and greens. This was paired with a glass of sauterne ($18).

The entree was a large portion of free range sonoma chicken breast wrapped around fresh herbs on a bed of wild mushroom risotto with a poultry sauce. The chicken had a wonderful herb flavor and the texture of the risotto was perfect. It was a bit hard to order chicken at Charles Nob Hill, but it was really, really good chicken. This was paired with a pinot noir ($15).

Dessert was a molten chocolate cake and cinnamon ice cream. This was our least favorite dish of the evening. The cake tasted like it had been sitting around a while and was not warm. Still had a good, strong Callebut flavor (I eat way too much chocolate). Cinnamon ice cream was very creamy and had a good bite. The best part of the dessert was the little hazelnut cookie under the ice cream.

We left very full and happy. The service was impeccable. The waiter was very gracious and seemed to be trying to make sure that we had a fabulous meal on a budget.

All totalled, with tax and tip, about $170. No, not cheap, but about half what the normal five course with sommelier's accompaniment for two would have cost. Again, we indulged a bit with the foie gras, so if you are on a tighter budget, could still have a fabulous meal for less.

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