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Darda Chinese Muslim in Milpitas (a little long)

Yimster | Nov 24, 200312:35 PM     2

This is a report on Chinese Muslim food in the South Bay. A group of people got together for a planning meeting on future dinning events for a cooking club. Where else to hold, but at another interesting restaurant eating our way though a luncheon meeting. They gave us a private dinning room. I did not take great notes since I had to take other notes. There was not pork products in any of the dishes

Darda has three set Banquet Menu’s the first at $98.00 and two others at $168.00.

I was able to talk the lady serving us to let me select a total of 10 dishes from the two $168.00 menus. I am not sure if this was discuss on the board before, but I sure that vn will bail me out. Someday I hope to meet vn so that I can thank this person who remember things I have forgotten that I wrote.

We started with a Appetizer plate with Smoked Chicken, Mock Duck, Jelly Fish, Jelly Pork Roll. The Mock Duck had Shitake Mushroom wrapped on the inside otherwise this was a good dish but nothing that stood out.

Lamb with Pickled Cabbage Warm Pot., this was one of the high light of the meal. A warming soup with just the right amount of sourest. A real treat on a cold day.

Braised Ox Tail, outstanding. The meat was just tender enough but still had a bit to the texture and the favor has the taste of red date.

Tea Smoked Duck, was little overdone, a little dry but with a good smoke favor.

Shrimps with Candied Walnuts, not the Cantonese version but very good. The shrimp was just right and the it was not a Mayonnaise base in some Cantonese version.

Lamb with Green Onion, another outstand taste with just the right amount of heat.

Sea Cucumber with Ox Tendon, the tendon was done just right with the right texture. There some Shitake Mushrooms mixed in.

Sliced Sea Bass topped with fried Garlic, served in fire plate to keep the fish hot without overcooking the fish. The fried garlic gave this dish a very interesting taste and texture.

Black Mushroom over Shanghai Bok Choy, the vegetable was cooked to a crispy texture and was very good.

Red Bean Pancake, a Northern type dessert that finished off a very good meal.

We were not served rice but sesame baked bread. I order a second order and this is always a highlight for this type of meal. This had green onion and oil in the middle, very very good. I never miss the rice (that is really something for me. I have been known to go miles to get rice when I was traveling)

Sliced Oranges.

If there is a interest I will post the three menu’s. But the menu’s are available in English at Darda’s. Total cost of this meal with a 15% tip (this was added automatically as a service charge). This was more than enough food for ten good eaters. You know I can eat.

Darda Seafood Restaurant
296 barber Court, Milpitas
408 433 5199

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