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Danny's Steakhouse/Sushi/Wine Bar...Red Bank, on Kitchen Stakeout 4/24/13


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Danny's Steakhouse/Sushi/Wine Bar...Red Bank, on Kitchen Stakeout 4/24/13

jrvedivici | Apr 25, 2013 09:48 AM

Did anyone else see this on the Food Network last night? I’m not sure what the requirements are to get on a TV show like this one, unlike Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares, this show primarily seems to focus on the staff rather then the kitchen or food. (my first time watching this show was last night)

In my opinion, Danny’s hasn’t been a good restaurant in over 10 years, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he feels he needed some help. However, it has seemed his bar business has held up well over the years and I assumed that was the driving force of his business. His sushi has been excellent and is really the only reason I would ever go there to eat.

This episode pretty much just concentrated on the staffing problems he has there, including that of his completely hapless grandson, who has been a server for 10 years.

One interesting food critique that came up is when a customer questioned his grandson if their French Onion Soup had meat in it. Quickly, I responded to the TV, no french onion soup does NOT have meat in it, however the grandson was unable to answer, and he had to go to the kitchen to ask. Much to my surprise the kitchen staff answered, YES, the onion soup has chorizo in it!?!?!?! Never in my life have I ever heard of a french onion soup recipe that included chorizo. (It was later discovered the menu didn’t mention this either).

All in all, not much of a surprise, Danny’s is a struggling restaurant in Red Bank I assume looking for the exposure being on this show provided him. Did this inspire me to go back again anytime soon? Nope.

(FYI interesting article in the Asbury Park Press lately that indicated Red Bank has 67 eateries, not including bakeries, candy stores etc. and that 1 out of every 3 retail locations is a restaurant. With a new one coming into the old Famabilia location! I’m really so over that town.)

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