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Damn you Andy P and your Dare Cookies


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Damn you Andy P and your Dare Cookies

Chris VR | Jan 14, 2005 06:36 PM

Struggling to manage the holiday and other assorted weight gains, I've pretty much cut sweets from my diet. Haven't had packaged cookies around in a long while. I was cruising by the cookie aisle in my local Stop and Shop, and remembered your post, and figured I'd just see what I see. Well after your love letter to these things, how could I not pick them up when I saw them there?!

No "ultimate" flavors, or blueberry cheesecake, and since I'm not a coconut fan but am in love with all things maple, I picked up a bag of those. That's a damn fine cookie. And now, of course, since you claim these are the weakest of the lot, how can I not try the others? And at a suggested serving size of ONE FREAKING COOKIE, I'm going to have to exercise some serious willpower not to throw my diet all to hell.

THANKS. No, really. Thanks. A. Lot. Grrr.


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