Not About Food 12

Daily Specials for locals, and regulars only?! [from General Topics]

letsindulge | Apr 22, 201203:56 PM

Spent a gorgeously hot day in, and around Marin County. We stopped for a light dinner on our way home to the SF Bay Area. We happened upon a bustling neighborhood restaurant and by sheer luck we were seated immediately. Menus, wine list, water, and warm bread and butter were provided by our smiling server. She asked whether we would like to start with a cocktail, or wine to which I replied that I may order wine after I had decided on my meal. She returned a few minutes later to take our food, and drink orders and we both declined on wine mostly because we had the drive ahead of us, and we had gotten a lot of sun at the beach earlier. In fact the evening was still quite warm, and balmy. We received our meals at which time we overheard our still smiling server greet a table of what appeared to be locals, and or regulars. But wait...she proceeded to describe the delicious specials. Huh, what specials?! Shortly afterward another seemingly non-local couple were not informed of the specials as well. When presented the bill I was torn whether to mention it but decided it was after the fact. Ever experience this yourself?

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