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Daily Soup Cookbook faves (vs. NE Soup Co??)

waver | Dec 30, 200908:24 AM

There's a discussion over here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/676336 about The Daily Soup Cookbook. My friend gave me this book with her comments in the margins after I had raved about the soups at her house. I've been following her lead and writing all over it ever since so here are some of the comments. I'd love to know what other recipes people have tried as overall I really like this book. I'd also be interested to know how you think it compares with the NE Soup Co book I've been hearing about.

Out of 5 stars:

4.5 stars -
Ministrone with pesto, p. 23 This is the recipe I make over and over. The pesto is absolutely key, but a good store bought one will do. A bad store bought one will ruin it.
Mulligatawny, p. 151 Half the cream is fine. Friend made this for me for after baby was born. I love it. So did my father in law. Add cardamom for extra zip.

4 stars -
Corn, Red Pepper and Zucchini Chowder, p. 77 Actually a little too corny for me, but its my friend's favourite so I included it.
New Zealand Sweet Potato Chowder, p. 94 Use half the cream, even then very hearty.
Mulligatawny with Lentils, p. 136 Used lite coconut milk and both the optional lemon juice and sugar.
Thai Hot and Sour Chicken, p. 207 I used to spend a lot of time trying to make the perfect Tom Yam. This is not quite as good, but a lot less rigamarole so well worth it. I up the lemongrass and curry paste and add fish sauce and cilantro. To make it more filling I add bean sprouts, shittakes and fresh tomato at the last minute. So I guess its a little weird, but we like it.

3 stars -
French Onion, p.22 Strange to say, but it is a little too oniony...
Wild Mushroom Barley, with Chicken, p. 62 Not spectacular, but freezes well.

Don't bother- The friend told me not to bother with these, so I haven't:
Polenta, Red Beans and Italian Sausage, p. 83 She said the texture was yucky.
Indian Yellow Split Pea, p. 138

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