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Not About Food

"Cross contamination!" "Cross contamination!" "Cross contamination!" "ZOMG!!! Cross contamination!"


Not About Food 96

"Cross contamination!" "Cross contamination!" "Cross contamination!" "ZOMG!!! Cross contamination!"

vorpal | Dec 31, 2009 07:25 PM

Am I the only one who's tired of hearing a hundred voices join in a chorus of, "We must be careful of cross contamination!" every time chicken is mentioned anywhere? It seems like every Youtube video that I watch, every cooking show, and every post I read online that mentions chicken must be assaulted with a cacophony of fear-tinged commentary about cross contamination.

Honestly, is there anyone on the planet who isn't aware of the dangers of cross contamination at this point? Doesn't anyone else find this tedious and redundant at best, and annoying at worst? Indeed, some of my relatives won't even eat chicken or turkey anymore unless it's bone dry and utterly disgusting. I wanted to make a duck curry for some friends of mine but they cringed at the medium-rare consistency of it, so I had to cook it to a disgusting and chewy well done. Cooking poultry has degenerated from fun to laborious for me: I'd rather just avoid it in lieu of other meats these days.

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