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So Many Critics...Do any of them have any training?


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So Many Critics...Do any of them have any training?

chefcliff | May 3, 2007 10:06 PM

I am a cook in Toronto. I have worked in kitchens that have received great reviews and equally scathing bollocking. Some of what I have seen in reviews has been plausible, and some accurate (both good and bad). But most of what I have personally experienced has been not more than moronic raving from individuals with no formal culinary training. My issue is the manner in which most food writers pontificate with disdain. It does not matter if the review was positive or negative, they still have to be accurate.

By the same token I love to read reviews of restaurants that I know here in the hound. I love the comments. Keep banging away might get it right one day.

Having said all that, an overcooked anything is not any more enjoyable than bland anything.

Here is an interesting thought: What would a review of your work look like when prepared by the masses? I have no problem being critiqued, but how would you and your professional efforts stack up?

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