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Crepese in Holland?


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Crepese in Holland?

rworange | Jan 22, 2006 04:10 AM

This new restaurant opened and it has something on the menu called Holland crepes. It is thin crepes sandwiching a cheese filling. The chef said that lots of places sell these crepes in Holland.

I'm not finding much of anything about this on the internet. Does anyone have more info about what a good version should taste like and what they might be called.

I wasn't really wowed by them. However, the resturant was doing a soft opening so the food was free tonight. Everyone got generous sampler plates of many of the appetizers and the desserts.

So the piece of Holland crepe was small and I couldn't get a good feel. Also the restaurant was dimly lit so I really couldn't see what I was eating. It sort of reminded me of a quesadilla but with crepes and different cheese and, I think, sauce.

Would like to get a better feeling for the origianal version. Googling around for Dutch cuisine doesn't get a lot of enthusiastic mentions. Most sites say Dutch food is boring and a little bland.

BTW, it is not Poffertjes - silver-dollar-size discs of sweet grilled dough topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. The restaurant crepe was savory.

Could it be pannekoek? Those sound like Dutch babies to me. It wasn't a Dutch baby.


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