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cowering in fear


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cowering in fear

KaimukiMan | Jun 15, 2011 01:17 AM

After about three years of reading many threads and making my share of comments, i find i must make a confession. i thought i was a decent cook, (not a great cook, not a chef) but i can see im not:

- i have almost every unforgivable ingredient in my kitchen or pantry including cream-of soups, green can cheese, bottled lemon juice, powdered milk, and store bought sauces and dressings.

- my knives are only moderately sharp, and my knife skills are frightful.

- i use my microwave frequently

- my freezer runneth over

- my vegetable bins more often resemble science experiments than someplace to keep food

- i still have some spices left over from the 20th century

- for things i've never made before, i follow the recipe verbatim

- i have never made roux, beschemel, white sauce, or from-scratch gravy (see cream-of soup above)

- i can't even spell beschemel well enough for spell check to guess what i mean.

- i own and use a crockpot

- i have a pre-logic rice cooker that i use almost daily

- i own and use a teflon skillet

- i have used soap on my cast iron (omg, i just heard three people drop dead)

- i do not have a single tin-lined copper anything

- i've actually served instant mashed potatoes (it was an emergency and no one died, i promise.)

So am I the only one that reads these threads and shudders in fear that I may be found out for the fraud that I am?

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