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A couple of interesting Science News articles re food

applehome | Apr 22, 200803:14 PM

Science news recently had a couple of food related articles:


What's Cookin' by Rachel Ehrenberg
This one's an excellent summarization of Molecular Gastronomy, from Kurti, in the '60's to the current state of affairs. Rachel does a great job. It's not necessarily any new information, especially if you're already familiar with Adria, This and Blumenthal, but it's put together well - a good bit of history and some of the concepts that drove the physics (or vice versa).


The Costs of Meat and Fish by Janet Raloff
This article is in line with the Omnivore's Dilemma thread. It summarizes the recent report from Worldwatch's 2008 State of the World report. It presents a lot of numbers - big numbers. While they don't specifically state it that way, I'm not sure that all the Salatins and Polyfaces in the world will ultimately make a difference. The population and our wealth is growing - as long as we all want the same set of proteins, the demand will outstrip the supply. "Sustainable" management may put off the inevitable, but for how long? The report diverges into a recommendation for a new protein source: insects. Are we ready to start eating caterpillars? I suppose that the good news is that we could simultaneously eliminate agricultural problems like gypsy moths!

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