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Countertop Questions

Querencia | Feb 9, 2011 11:36 AM

I have had Corian counters in two different condos for 20 years. Am about to replace and am thinking of granite but I wonder about a few things and would appreciate hearing others' experience. 1) When I bake I roll pastry directly on the Corian and it scrubs up nicely, especially with the adjacent integral Corian sink. Bad stains like blueberry come right off with a little AJAX. I am thinking that with granite none of this would be true. Right? 2) Isn't granite somewhat porous---wouldn't flour etc get into little crevices in the surface? 3) The Corian has been somewhat subject to gouging---a dropped knife landed point-down---but damage can be ground down and repaired. What about granite, if damaged?

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