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How to counteract the dip in my electric coil stove?

nocomicsans | Dec 25, 201109:09 AM

I'm stuck in an apartment with a Whirlpool electric coil stove. They put in the nicest appliance they could budget for when they built these: a Whirlpool 30" RF114PXSB. Yes, it's black. Here's a picture of the paperweight: http://www.basicappliance.com/product...

I loathe these things. Each of the 8 apartments I've ever lived in had electric coils. (Except the last one with a MASSIVE kitchen and glass-top stove and expansive granite countertops and in-door ice maker and.... It had everything. I wept upon moving out. But I digress.) They all have the same problem -- they slope in the middle, so all the burners are higher on the outside corner than on the inside. Pancakes are a joke — they're all teardrop shaped. There is no such thing as shallow frying; it's either seared or swimming based on placement in the pan.

Moving isn't an option, it can't be replaced, it doesn't need levelling of the feet, and I'm not buying slanted cookware, even if it did exist. What can I do? I'm open for reasonable suggestions that won't burn the place down.

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