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Corned Beef Hash, Eggs, Toast & an Anchor Steam $6.00

Rochelle McCune | Apr 14, 200211:36 AM     7

Saturday, around 1pm, I was thrift store shopping and started to get a little hungry. So I called Michael to see if he wanted to go out to lunch. Well of course he did. I hopped in the car and headed over to pick him up.

As I was going past Anna's Danish Cookies, I saw there was a parking space available in front. Well, the gods clearly want me to have some cookies. I got a nice assortment of the lovely cookies ($9 a pound). Then I saw that the seconds were on sale $2.50 instead of $3.50!! Well, isn't today my lucky day, I thought as a bought a pound for the office. ;-)

Next I swung by home, picked up Michael and we decided to head over to Hotel Utah for a burger, biscuits & gravy, a pint or two and who knows what else? Alas, perhaps my luck was running out - Hotel Utah does not open until 6pm on Saturday. But the good news is that a sign in the window mentions that they will be adding a Sunday Jazz Brunch soon. Wow, I expect this a hit with the natives.

While we tried to come up with a backup plan, we listened to the band practicing inside Hotel Utah, consoled ourselves with some of Anna's butter cookies and I explained to Michael that I was a very generous wife for sharing my cookies with him and that he can have all the butter cookies he wants but that he only gets ONE pecan cookie - all the rest are MINE!

Luckily, before fist-i-cuffs could break out. Micheal said "Doh! Let's go to Red's! Its just at the bottom of the street." I had noticed they have a more full breakfast menu and Pointybird had posted that it was pretty good. So off we went.

It was nice. It wasn't too crowded. The day and the view was beautiful. Before I talk about the food, let me say "How many places in San Francisco have a view, free parking, cheap good food and virtually no lines???" OK, so part of the view is of the pier parking lot and its only 30 minute free parking (I didn't see anyone checking) and I can think of at least one other place - Jelly's. The Mission Rock ambiance isn't the same since the remodel and The Ramp is too crowded but they could probably qualify as well.

I digress, back to Red's. I had the corned beef hash, eggs, sourdough toast and an Anchor Steam. Michael had the Double Cheese Burger, Fries & a Bud. Michael thinks the burger wasn't as good as usual and attributed it to the failure to drench the bread in fat and grill it like they normally do. The corned beef hash & eggs was quite good, although next time I would request it "medium" in an effort to get it more crispy. It was small-medium chopped corned beef, red potatoes and onions, lightly seasoned and cooked on a medium amount of fat (not too dry, not too greasy), plus two over-medium eggs were laid on top and lightly toasted sourdough was on the side. Yummy, this is how I like my corned beef hash so I was pretty darn happy especially after a couple of Anchor Steams and an hour lounging on the pier.

As I point of reference, I loathe Kate's Kitchens Red Flannel Hash - its chopped to big and has new-fangled Kaliforniazed ingredients. Also, I never understood the appeal of the hash at Doidge's - to me it tasted really salty and identical to a $.59 can of hash from the Grocery Outlet.

BTW, I've been hearing of a stellar hash in San Rafael but just haven't made it there yet.

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