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Corn syrup just flat-out ruins Haagen-Daz

rworange | Feb 12, 200810:33 AM

IMO, skip the extra rich light blueberry cheesecake. The corn syrup in it makes it way too sweet.

Also ... while I can find the information on the carton in fine print ... the label is deceptive.

Caloring saving 11%. Calories per serving 230.

Fat is cut 50% but I'm guessing they are using the corn syrup for thickening to make it seem 'extra rich' ... yeah .. and 'extra sweet.

Haagen-Daz started using corn syrup in 2006 starting with the Mayan chocolate flavor.

When I am paying premium prices for ice cream I want SUGAR not cheap, government-subsidized corn syrup.

Stop it, Haagen-Daz. Just stop it.

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