Copper cookware - upkeep?


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Copper cookware - upkeep?

breadchick | Mar 4, 2010 06:05 PM

I've been eyeing a Mauviel copper gratin for quite a while now. I have copper mixing bowls, and some odd tin-lined pcs for show. They're a real pain to keep that certain French kitchen look. You know what I mean - dark coppery glow without any pits, etc. I can't get my stuff to keep that glow. It gets brown spots on it, and discolored smears.

Before I think of buying that gratin, I would like to know how to keep it coppery without it being stripped down to that original light "rosy" color which screams "new pan!"

Does keeping it under cover help? Is there a way to just remove ordinary kitchen grunge without taking it down to "rosyville"?

I have an old Revere copper tea kettle that I got when I was married - it's over 35 years old. It gets those brown specks all over it and I don't know what causes it. Again, a pain to clean.

Help, I need copper help...

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