When *not* to use copper?

fallenguru | Mar 10, 201911:25 AM     100

In the last couple of weeks I've spent a lot of time researching cookware, because I have (the luxury of being able) to start more or less from scratch, and I want to get it right.
My conclusion so far: As far as performance is concerned, one would really like to have copper cookware for *most* cooking tasks.

That begs the question: What are the tasks where copper is not the first choice performance-wise (sharing the top spot with something cheaper counts as well) and what would the better alternative be?

Personally, I use gas and have no intention to switch, but feel free to discuss other heat sources.

When I say copper, the baseline is either 2.3 mm stainless- or 2.5 mm tin-lined, because that's what's available new. Where the lining and/or thickness would make a material difference, please specify.

(This thread is meant to be about performance first & foremost -- that's difficult enough to nail down as it is. Since it's going to be difficult to keep value out of it, here's my stance for reference: If I’m going to want a particular size & shape in copper sooner or later, I’d rather bite the bullet immediately. Either that or go without until I can afford it.)

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