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Best cookware for braising and sauteeing vegetables?

omotosando | Mar 19, 200809:45 PM

Now that spring is here, I have been frequenting my local farmers' markets and want to try to follow that oft given advice to eat five vegetables a day.

The first thing that I have done is junk my old vegetable steamer - a huge, ungainly three-tier affair that I never used because was pain to get it down from the shelf and was really too big for cooking for one. Instead, I just ordered a Demeyre 3.5 quart conical sauteuse with steamer insert, which seemed more practical and versatile for my needs.

So, when the Demeyre arrives, I hope I will have something practical in which to steam vegetables (and I assume I can do other things with it as well). Now I am looking for additional pots and pans in which to braise and sautee vegetables (I rarely eat meat, although I will pan cook fish from time to time). I am not really looking for brand suggestions, but rather what styles and sizes of pots and pans would be most practical for my purposes. Some of the high-end cookware is available in so many sizes and shapes that my eyes just glaze over and it's hard to know which pieces would be the most versatile and practical. Also, I have limited storage space, so I don't want to purchase a set, which will inevitably include pieces I don't want, but rather prefer to buy by the piece so I can get exactly what I want and will use the most.

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