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Cookware Board denizens

greygarious | Apr 8, 201407:21 PM

On some other topic recently, someone characterized the Cookware Board as the Chowhound equivalent of the high school A-V club, which I thought was clever, and, maybe, appropriate. I realized that my mind is full of assumptions breaking the Board down even further:

I envision the LeCreusetphiles as the Sex in the City girls, unable to resist a high-priced shoe store or the latest pricey handbag. The Kitchen Aid stand mixer fans are a subset of this clade.

The knife collectors are almost all males, into sports generally, and especially hunting and fishing. Sometimes they get roles on Criminal Minds.

The collectors of naked cast iron are bearded, beefy guys with plaid flannel shirts. And girly calendars on the walls of their garages.

Those with a passion for All-Clad, deBuyer, copper pans, etc., are type-A, driven types for whom cooking is more engineering than craft/art. Not gender-specific, and quite ambitious but a bit insecure despite being capable.

The large appliance mavens are the CH version of the Tool Time guy:
"More power!" This applies to their entertainment electronics too. They can be younger than the pan and cast iron collectors, and are mostly males.

With the exception of the LeCreusetphile category, the other afficionados don't necessarily enjoy cooking, or do it regularly. They are often more interested in the prepping and other component tasks than in consuming/enoying/appreciating the final results.

Anyone have any idea what the actual demographics of kitchen equipment fans are, either on Chowhound or in general? Or do you have different stereotypes to share?

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