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cooks-illustrated style noodle bowl testing


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cooks-illustrated style noodle bowl testing

ben f | Aug 16, 2002 04:39 PM

So i'm interested in making an optimal noodle bowl/soup part of my regular repertoire. Something like what I've had in vietnamese and korean restaurants.

To do this I will buy a bunch of ingredients and make noodle bowls for a week or two straight, each time varying the broth, trying a couple types of noodles, and different meat/vegetable/garnish combinations.

'hounds, I need your suggestions on ingredients.

I'm generally looking to develop both a seafood and a pork (or pork sausage) version of the dish.

The only two rules (it's my soup so I get to make the rules)
no fish sauce (sorry, despite myself I'm just not a fan)
no peanut butter (crushed peanuts are fine)

to get the ball rolling, I already have on my list:

chili oil,
chicken broth
clam juice
those weird packages of "fresh" udon I see in my asian grocery store
dried shrimp

thanks all,

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