Cooking tajine for 30 people - what cookware?


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Cooking tajine for 30 people - what cookware?

clairebbbear | Mar 24, 2013 02:08 AM

Hi all

I am going to be cooking a chicken tajine with preserved lemons and olives for 30 people for my wedding.

I will be making the tajine 1-2 weeks in advance, freezing and defrosting the day before. Then on the day it will need to be reheated. We have cooks to do that.

My question is what cookware to use. I normally make it using an actual tajine - this is the last recipe I used, which i loved:

But my tajine pot only has capacity for about 3 portions, and I'm not prepared to use it to make 10 batches of the stuff - it would take too long.

So then I tried making a batch using my slow cooker. I boiled then left it to simmer overnight, which must have been too long, because the chicken basically disintegrated and the sauce took on a completely different flavour - almost caramelised to the point of being gluey (hard to explain). My work colleagues loved it but I was disappointed, having tasted the much better tajine version.

So now I am wondering what other options I have. Of course I could try cooking it for a slower time in the slow cooker. But having read about Dutch/French ovens - and having always wanted one - I'm thinking now might be the time to get one.

Would it work, taste-wise, to prepare 2 batches of the tajine using the Dutch oven (e.g. Le Creuset), then, on the day, use the Dutch oven again to reheat the first batch, transfer that batch to the slow-cooker to keep warm, then use the LC again for the second batch.

Or is the fact that I'll be freezing and reheating going to reduce any taste advantage there would be from using the Dutch oven?

Secondly - what size LC (or other brand) would I need to prepare 15 portions? I was thinking the 9-quart. I will have cooks to lift it and move it around, but I don't want to injure them (or me, when I want to use it after the wedding).I know how heavy those things are.

I have thought of getting a bigger tajine, but I don't think I would get much use of it after the wedding. The Dutch oven I would definitely use.

Hope you can help!

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