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Cooking from Norman Musa’s AMAZING MALAYSIAN: Recipes for Vibrant Malaysian Home-Cooking

RainyRamone | Jun 15, 201709:24 AM

This is the thread for reporting on dishes you cook from Norman Musa’s most recent work, AMAZING MALAYSIAN.

About the author:
“Norman Musa is an award-winning Malaysian chef and the official Food Ambassador for Kuala Lampur. He is co-founder of Ning Restaurant in Manchester (closed, at this time) and holds regular supper clubs in London. He also has a restaurant in Malaysia called’ Nasi Daging’.
He regularly features in print media and has appeared on television on Tom Kerridge’s ‘Best Ever Dishes’ and ‘Sunday Brunch’. He is currently working on a cookery programme for Malaysian television. He regularly appears at food festivals around the UK, Europe and Malaysia. He also teaches regularly at cookery schools, like Leith’s School of Food & Wine.”
- Excerpted from ‘Amazing Malaysian’ -

A general note about reporting: If you are the first person reporting on a recipe, please respond to this post. It’s helpful if you write the title of the recipe in all capital letters, and provide the page number. If someone else has reported on the recipe you have made, please respond to that post. In this way we’ll have all reports on a recipe grouped together. If you are the first to report, briefly summarize the recipe and ingredients, including any substitutions you made. Let us know how the process went and how the dish turned out. Photos are encouraged!
As always, the Chowhound Team reminds us that that verbatim copying of recipes is a violation of the author's copyright. Any posts with copied recipes will be removed. If you find the recipe online, please post a link.

Amazing Malaysian: Recipes for Vibrant Malaysian Home Cooking: Norman Musa: 9780224101547: Amazon.com: Books

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