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Cooking (very recently) live poultry?


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Cooking (very recently) live poultry?

kimcheater | May 22, 2007 07:28 AM

I recently decided to brave a trip to the live poultry shop near my apartment, and bought a 5-pound white-feathered bird (red-feathered and black-feathered cost a bit more, so I thought I'd start/experiment with the cheaper meat) that I cooked up at home. I've been a city boy most of my life, but I do remember a few trips back to the farm, and recall that the chicken killed right before cooking was a little stringy and a bit tough; the same thing happened this time around (I braised it in broth with some vegetables). The scraps I had boiled for hours to make stock turned out nice and soft, but they were (of course) pretty flavorless at that point.

Any tips on making the meat a bit more tender? I'm sure it would make excellent coq au vin, but I wouldn't want to be limited that much.

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