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Cooking For Our Four Legged Friends...


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Cooking For Our Four Legged Friends...

inaplasticcup | Jul 8, 2011 10:12 AM

This post is inspired by an exchange with givemecarbs and Diane In Bexley on this thread about keeping down food costs (

Seems we three are all owned by wiener dogs - so much so we cook for them!

I don't get too fancy with Honeydew's meals. Usually some kind of boiled protein along with certain fresh veg - carrots, cabbage, things that are fairly dense and not too juicy - and a couple spoonfuls of unsalted stock, or when I'm projecting my need for flavor on her, a drop or two of fish or soy sauce.

She is also a huge fan of dark beer - Imperial stout is her current fave.

I barely bake for myself, so any baked treats the dog gets are coming from the store.

What do you cook for your four legged master?

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