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Some Cookies From This Week's Baking Extravaganza


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Some Cookies From This Week's Baking Extravaganza

fresser | Dec 6, 2005 08:51 AM

Well, ok, so only four different kinds, but for me, Miss Try to Bake Low-Fat, this was indeed a blow-out cookie baking experience!

I made Cardamom cookies from last year's Gourmet mag's Dec issue. I think if i made them again, i'd cut them less thin, so they'd be more shortbready and have a bit more bite. I'd also be tempted to add more Cardamom as the recipe called for only 1.5tsp and the result is more subtle than I'd like. Still, even thin and a bit less spiced, these are melt in the mouth yummy. The recipe calls for drizzling them with caramel and chocolate but i like them better just plain and also am serving two other chocolatey cookies.

This year's Gourmet sugar cookies. I rolled these out to about 1/4in and cut them pretty small, under 1in circles. Then, once they cooled, i made them into sandwich cookies, some with raspberry jam, the rest with dulce de leche. This recipe is, to my taste, the perfect sugar cookie b/c it's not too sweet, so it's more buttery and, as i used kosher salt (my new baking love), they've got an awesome balance of sweet:salt.

Chocolate-Almond Cookies from Batali's book, but the recipe was also in Gourmet's Dec 04. These called for dipping the batter into confectioner's sugar before and after baking. I skipped this step as I wanted a not so sweet and more bitter chocolate cookie. Now I think I might regret that as perhaps they're actually not sweet enough...

Claudia Fleming's brownie cookies. Damn, the batter is SO good after it sits for a bit! You really do have to beat the egg sugar mixture for 15 min, a long time! I actually followed this recipe exactly, shocking for me as I love to play around with stuff. But I figured it was sort of meringuey and I shouldn't mess around. These cookies are delicious! Chewy, chocolatey!

I think all these recipes can be found at epicurious... I had so much fun baking! Can't wait to serve them on Thursday!

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