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What cookbooks have you bought lately? Springtime edition, part 2 [OLD]

buttertart | May 7, 2012 12:27 PM

Having hit 300-ish posts on the last go-round on the topic, it's time for a new thread so nobody gets scrollitis of the index finger (or sweepitis on a touchscreen). I received the new Medrich desserts book and "Couture Chocolate" from my TGC sale buy this weekend. Had a peek in the chocolate book, which is gorgeous, but a bit over my head (I'm not a candymaker, yet) but the Medrich is awaiting my being fully over this bug so I can enjoy it properly.
Shopping my shelves I have really enjoyed rereading Paula Peck's "The Art of Fine Baking", which came out in the early 60s and introduces methods subsequently thought of as innovations now, such as reverse creaming and cooking part of the fruit for blueberry filling. There are several recipes I'm itching to try.
I'm still in pursuit of a suitable celebratory cake and am looking through RLB's "Heavenly Cakes" and Alford & Duguid's "Home Baking" (roxlet noticed a walnut torte in it that might do the trick, despite my general dislike of the authors' smug, self-congratulatory style). Come to think of it, Ms Duguid has a book coming out on a southeast Asian -- Burmese? -- cuisine, I believe, that I'll doubtlessly grit my teeth and buy. We shall see.
And how about you? What new or revisited delights are you enjoying?

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