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If I HAVE to cook Thanksgiving . . .


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If I HAVE to cook Thanksgiving . . .

johnno jonnhs | Nov 12, 2003 09:26 PM

I really don't want to but I might HAVE to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my significant other, his three kids and his dad. I can roast a turkey that will elicit praise. Or we can deep fry one which is always a hit so the main is no problem. Dessert is no problem either. Our guests will bring that. My question is about "rounding out the meal". For starters I figured on shrimp cocktail using gigantic shrimps and a cocktail sauce recipe that never fails. So that's covered too. Okay. My conundrum has to do with the sides. It's easy to do creamed onions because the frozen product is quite good. And I'll do some chipolte flavored smashed sweet potatoes. I've got a great recipe for that. But what else? That's all so heavy. I'm looking for some light vegetable type dishes. (And I know the word "light" doesn't belong in the same sentence with "Thanksgiving Dinner".) What do you think? I'm a drinker not an eater so I'm really out of my element. I was thinking maybe a salad based on endive or watercress? Or maybe green beans or spinach sauteed the Italian way with garlic and oil? Or maybe fennel braised or as a slaw? I'm at a loss. HELP.


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