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Contemplating a veal chop


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Contemplating a veal chop

Mrs. Smith | Dec 12, 2003 12:53 PM

I bought a couple of very fresh, fine-looking veal chops from my butcher, and plan to cook them tonight. I was solemnly assured that this veal was from calves that were not confined in anyway, or pumped with hormones. I am still generally concerned about veal production, because I know that not all the producers have caught up yet, but my butcher knows this source and I trust him.

We don't eat veal that often, though I do really like it. Usually I've made and eaten veal either as a scallopine, or in that shape and more heavily breaded and fried, or in a veal roast. The only way I've ever prepared a veal chop at home before was over our gas grill. It was fantastic -- with only a seasoning of fleur de sel and fresh sage-- but I'm not going to be able to duplicate that tonight.

The weather is wet and nasty, and I'll be cooking these chops indoors. Since I know that these chops are not from a confined, inhumanely treated calf -- and it actually got to walk around a bit -- I know that it won't be super-tender. I'm looking for a cooking method, on the stove or in the oven, which will keep the meat as tender as possible.

I plan to serve it with a simple pan gravy made with demi-glace and a little butter, if necessary, and rich mashed potatoes and peas. Not a haute cuisine meal, but I'd like to make it as good as possible. I'd like to change my husband's mind about veal chops cooked at home, and also try this recipe out and possibly use for a company meal later in the month.

If you had two lovely slighty-over-an-inch-thick lean-looking veal chops, how would you cook them to best maintain flavor and tenderness!

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